Probability Clouds

by Brian Saia

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released June 14, 2019

Brian Saia – Composer, designer, engineer, mixer, musician, producer
Apple Trujillo – Assistant engineer
Chris Haverland - Assistant engineer
Israel "Izzy" Hernandez - Assistant mixer
Marisa Scheline – Assistant mixer
Daniel Eaton at Little Castle Mastering – Mastering engineer
Jessie Johnson – Artist
Latife Whittington – Photographer

Brian Saia – Acoustic guitar, autoharp, balafon, baritone guitar, bass guitar, cello, drum kit, drum machine, electric guitar, kalimba, lyrics, percussion, piano, synth, zither

Azwan – Lyrics, vocals
Lauren Baba – Viola
Tomás Canseco – Electric guitar, lyrics, vocals
Matthew Clough-Hunter – Flutes, gamelan
Brian Foreman – Drum kit
Cat Ekes – Vocals
Rachel Geller – Lyrics, vocals, zither
Madeline Falcone – Viola, violin
Kate Hardly – Vocals
Chris Haverland – Cello, Baritone guitar, trumpet arrangement, electric guitar, string arrangement
Israel Hernandez – Trombone
Kate Jones – Vocals
Max Kutner – Electric guitar
Heather Lockie – Viola, vocals
Michael Lockwood – Drum kit
Louis Lopez – Baritone, trumpet
Abraham Medina – Drum kit
Jess Nielson – Clarinet
Jake Rosenzweig – Upright bass
Linnea Sablosky – Vocals
Emily Shaw – Vocals
Stephanie Smith – Violin
Rebekka Takamizu – Vocals
Jackie Urlik – Harp
Steven Van Betten – Banjo, acoustic guitar, vocals
Glenna Van Nostrand – Lyrics, pedals, vocals
Alex Wand – Acoustic guitar


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Brian Saia Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Oilfields (Feat. Emily Shaw)
Running out of land to fill
We run though the oilfields
Lost in a food desert
We are all sun-bleached now
Adrift in a sea of concrete
Anchors lost in a sun scorched car lot
Where the paved beaches meet the charcoal sky
Black tar shoes can’t escape the power lines
Dead palm trees arranged in grids
The freeways intertwine above our heads
Track Name: Tundra (Feat. Rachel Geller)
We’re in a permafrost of bad ideas
They’re chipping away where nothing ever seems to grow
We ebb too much, not leaving enough time to grow
Building walls on top of ones that came before
Unearth the fields
Underneath the ice
The glaciers retreat
Tracing the cliffs
On this precipice
Flashfloods throughout
There are drumlins of dirt
Redirect and relocate
The tide rises and washes away
But it’s not my concern
Track Name: Fission Teeth (Feat. Kate Hardly)
Climbing ladders to the sky
Digging poison wells
Building rockets to the moon
Burying the waste
Splitting atoms with fission teeth
Underneath the overcast glow
Tsunami streamlined
The dead fish float
Drifting below the graveyard orbit
Through the thundercloud debris
On this junkyard trajectory
On a collision course
Millions of acres of dust
Leave no trace
Leave it
Track Name: Rain Shadow (Feat. Azwan)
Under the rain shadow
In the blistering heat
The aqueducts are melting
This is a dry spell
Withered ropes and roots
Migrate through the wind
Tumbleweeds and cactus tongues
What will your kids see now?
Drowning in the concrete ground
This plot of land is worth its weight in gold
If the clouds ever return
Dry spell
Track Name: Intermittent Deserts (Feat. Cat Ekes)
These intermittent deserts
The flowers are now fossils
Forever sinking deep beneath these layers
Of smog
Kissing with cracked lips
Track Name: Sulpha Terra (Feat. Tomás Canseco III)
Stories of gardens long ago
Now bidding a dirt in a bowl
Enriched with all its insides stripped
Suffocate here with me
Till the sand with your teeth
Dig until your bare knuckles bleed
Engineered earthquake economy
Land of Sulphur philosophy
Wall of dust topology
Test tube topography
Rare earth metals block out the sun
Jet fuels contrails are raining down
Throw away diamonds and throw away rusted gold
Just keep digging
To comply
Black clouds
Topple down
I’ll provide
Until I die
Track Name: Floating (Feat. Rebekka Takamizu)
These blocks like islands
As we float past
The currents converge
On traffic lights
As we float on
The coast the clear
Track Name: The Firebreaks (Feat. Kate Jones)
Sparks roam from the electric towers
Firebreaks carving up the mountainside
Ash floats like snow
In a dream, in a haze
The hills illuminate
The filtered light blankets us
And the glow keeps us close
This is the new normal
Track Name: Topography (Feat. Linnea Sablosky)
A network of trees
Buzzing and humming
Calculating and geotagging
Metadata for the cloud
These network of trees that speak in code
Triangulate and interconnect
Through wireless roots
Breathing out binary
Cutting through the clouds
These satellites are raining down
Track Name: Earthquake Economy (Feat. Glenna Van Nostrand)
I am the aggregate
The conglomerate crush
The sentiments passionate
From the fractured dust
Ignite the taps, the bric-a-brac
Burning down the cul-de-sacs
There was a reservoir, an aquifer
Total a sum
Building a pressure, a fissure
That can’t be undone
Splitting the world in two
With this earthquake economy
Mined from out of the blue
An eco-autonomy
Track Name: Lone Pine (Feat. Steven Van Betten)
Phantom limbs
Of broken branches
Kicked to the curb
Chop them down, one by one
We shuffled our rooted feet
And ditched the woods for the street
Within the sawdust skyline
Tethered to the tree line
I am the lone pine
In a barren field
Lopped off roots rotting
As the sun sets
On this pavement expanse
I am the lone pine
Under the winter sun
Track Name: We Are Hydrocarbons (Feat. Rachel Geller)
Fading away
I need a supervisor
For my choir of doubts singing ‘get away’
I’m more than enough you can see
Who cares, no one’s watching
There’s no such thing as catching up
When no one’s competing with you
We used to know
More limited
Chains when we bond